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What is this site ?

This site offers many popular math topics with animations for easier visual understanding. These animations are created using customizing feature of the industry standard CAD software called AutoCAD. All the contents of this site (GIF animation file, JPG image file, DWG(2004 format) drawing file, and AutoLisp program files) can be downloaded free .
This web site is maintained in order to record the author's on-going efforts.

How to use this site:

  • If your CAD can handle AutoLISP, download the lisp files to your CAD's folder and execute the application.
     You may even modify the lisp files using text editor, and try your own ideas.
    How to set up program environment

Topics - Current List

  1. Lines and Circles

  2. Dissections and Tesselations

  3. Pythagorean Theorem and many proofs

  4. Sums of Integers and Series

  5. Topics from Pursuit Curves

  6. How to draw an egg shape

  7. How to draw a heart shaped figure

  8. Topics from the Solar system, Sun , Earth and Moon

  9. The Three Famous Problems of Ancient Greek Mathematics

  10. Test Posting-Fractal

  11. Fractal,Chaos Coloring Book

  12. Polygonal Knots

  13. Onecut Origami

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